Monday, November 7, 2011

Furlough Plans

After trying to find the “perfect” olympic distance triathlon to do on furlough in May or June I’m now registered for the Nautica South Beach Triathlon April 1 since furlough plans come mid-April got a bit muddy. It looks like you can still finish if you go over 4 hours. Training will be a bit complicated since the day before I registered for the IMG Miami half marathon on Jan 29. I decided it was doable if I run walk. Finishing this will give me a lot more confidence on finishing an olympic tri. Now I’m working on training plans. And I’ve finally decided to start blogging to document this adventure. I did my first training run for the half marathon yesterday. It was my first time to try to run/walk and not just run. It seemed easier than just trying to run. I’ll have to see how things go when the distance increases. This was only 6.22K.

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